LED Lights and Their Health Benefits


As LED lighting becomes more popular in many households, many are beginning to consider if these lights are good for their health. It is common to find the advantages of the lights in terms of energy efficiency and maintenance being talked about more than their health benefits. Fortunately, manufacturers of these lights have taken into consideration the health of users and have incorporated features to ensure they do not harm them in any way.

Even so, the use of LED lights has a number of benefits to one’s health, which makes them worth the investment. It does not matter whether they are installed in a commercial or residential space, the lights will be of benefit to the health of those that come into contact with them.

Some of the body parts that these lights affect positively and in turn your general health include:

  • Skin

Studies have shown that fluorescent bulbs emit UV rays that are harmful to the skin in cases where an individual is in regular contact with them. These rays have been said to be the cause of damaged cells over an extended period of time. On the other hand, LED bulbs do not emit any UV rays making them the safest alternative in the home or office. They are also available in a variety of colour temperatures which reduces the glare resulting in undamaged skin even when in close contact.

  • Eyes

LED lights give light that is similar to natural light thus reducing the strain on the eyes while engaging in different activities. This is quite different from fluorescent lights that often flicker and cause discomfort to the eyes. It is advisable to have lighting fixtures that are stable to ensure that you avoid eye problems that build up over time because of over exposure to glaring lights.

  • Respiratory System

LED lights have no harmful metals used in their production thus making them very safe for use. In case damage, there is no danger of coming into contact with metals such as mercury that can negatively affect the respiratory system leading to breathing problems. However, fluorescent bulbs have been known to contain minimal amounts of mercury and assorted metals that can be harmful to one’s health.

All in all, LED lights are the best investment for anyone that cares about their health and would want to minimize chances of interacting with harmful substances on a daily basis.

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