What Are Switchback LED Lights?


Switchback LED lights function exactly like how they sound, by switching colors back-to-back. These specially designed LED lights are able to switch colors from xenon white to amber yellow depending on the mode your car is in. Switchback LED lamps are also known as dual-function LED lights and they light up as xenon white when the car is in parking or position mode and immediately flash amber whenever the turn signals are engaged. Switchback LED lights are pretty advanced, when technologically speaking and give the driver some peace of mind that installing these LED lights will make driving much safer, while still maintaining a very stylish appearance. This kind of LED light is specifically designed for use as front turn signal lights as well as daytime running lights.

The collection of dual-function LED lamps has increased to all sorts of different sizes to accommodate all sorts of vehicle year, make, and models. There are tons of various bulb sizes available and options for Switchback LED lights have even grown to Switchback LED strips and daytime running lights. This is so car enthusiasts have full freedom to customize the vehicle to something completely personal and unique.

Switchback LED strips are a step up in the evolution of the Switchback bulb and is basically an entire strip of super bright LED lights that can be installed inside of the headlights. They imitate the look that’s seen on some luxury cars, such as the famous Audi strip lights. This makes getting strip lights very affordable because you wouldn’t have to pay the huge Audi price tag in order to get the Audi look. There are even LED switchback halo rings for those with BMW cars and want to switch up their angel eyes for a dual-function look. The new and improved Switchback halo rings are actually a whole 6 times brighter than conventional CCFL rings and have no blind point. This is quite the improvement over the stock version and gives BMW owners the freedom and choice on how to personalize these iconic halo rings.

Switchback LED bulbs even give you a nice look to match your HID when you use them as parking lights. Some people have mismatched incandescent and HID lights which don’t look half as good as a matching look. The question of legality also comes to mind when people try to install aftermarket products on their car, but switchback LED lamps are a hundred percent legal and no one has to worry about getting pulled over and having to uninstall all of their hard work. The xenon white parking lights and amber yellow turn signal lights are as legal as it gets, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to driving past the police. Switchback LED lights are highly functional, versatile, and remain one of the most popular LED installation upgrades to date.

Source by Eric Wu

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