What Are LED Lights and How They Should Ones First Choice of Lighting?


What are the LED lights?

There are several types of lights in the market like incandescent, fluorescent, etc. But out of them, the LED lights are one of the most recent yet most highly preferred lighting options among people. LED or Light Emitting Diode is a kind of lighting fixture, in which the light source is illuminated by the electricity that passes through a microchip. Also, to make it more efficient the heat produced is collected back into a heat sink. This makes sure that the bulb does not get overheated and that it does not get burnt out. This kind of heat management makes it one of the most used lighting fixture with an Energy Star. They are almost 90% more efficient than other kind of lights. They also have a longer life than incandescent and CFL’s.

How it is different from other light sources?

The main things that make LEDs more preferred than the other forms is that they are more versatile in use, more efficient and have a longer life period.

  • The direction of light:

LED lights are unidirectional; means they will source their light is a specific direction only which is perfect for various applications like traffic lights etc. This also means that it will be using the energy efficiently. CFL and incandescent, on the other hand, throw light in every direction, increasing the power consumption and heat production.

  • Producing white light:

LED light in the original state is of red, blue, green and amber, but a layer of the phosphor is used to turn it into the white light. Whereas in CFL the light is produced by UV light and heat which, when strikes phosphor gets converted to white light and in incandescent, the white light is produced when the metal filament glows till it gets white hot. In both the CFLs and incandescent the heat production is too high as compared to LED.

What are the benefits of using LED lights?

There are various advantages of using LED light fixtures for one’s home and offices. Some of them are:

  • Save energy: they use less electricity and thus will reduce one’s electricity costs and consumption substantially. These are great for room and spaces where one would need lights all throughout the day.
  • Longer life: LEDs do not fail or get burned out like others and also can have a life of approximately 50,000 hours. This means one will not have to buy them again and again and can also save the cost of changing lights, especially in a commercial space.
  • Durability: they do not break easily and are also resistant to any other kind of environmental conditions. They are also not affected by constant on and offs as their performance do not get degraded after numerous cycles.
  • Cold resistant: LEDs work more efficiently in colder temperatures, unlike other lightings. This is the reason why they are highly used in freezers, cold storages, parking lots and boundary lightings.
  • No harmful emissions: unlike incandescents which has a production of UV and IR, however in LEDs, there is almost no UV or IR emissions thus preventing any kind of burn and heating hazards.
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