LED Tube Lights – Cost, Safety and Energy Savings Factors


Energy efficient LED Lights will reduce your lighting power bill by at least 55% and up to 88% in most installations.

Available in a variety of colour temperatures including warm white, cool white and daylight, LED Lights are robust in design, require much less maintenance (ongoing and replacement) are flicker free, fade resistant and dimmable.

Ranging in size from 600mm to 1500mm, most LED tube lights are mercury, lead and phosphorous free, which is much safer for us and our environment.

With a payback period in most cases of under 2 years for LED tubes and 1 year for typical 50w halogen replacement LED’s, plus the manufacturer’s replacement warranty, LED tube lights represent the latest advancement in environmental lighting technology and are of the very highest quality with many more LED products being brought to market daily. Some even have a payback period of less than a year.

Expelling little or no heat, energy efficient LED light tubes can also save you up to 20% of your air-conditioning power costs as fluorescent tubes and ballast produce large amounts of heat! (This is on top of the savings of the lighting power bill.)


LED Tube Lights require no ballast or starter. Traditional fluorescent light tube fit-outs often incur total circuit failure when just ONE ballast in the circuit overheats and burns out, because no ballast in required in LED tube lights, total circuit failure for this reason will never occur.


In the near future, you will be charged a (per tube) fee for disposal of your existing fluorescent light tubes because of the toxic waste content of the tubes. With LED lights, there is never any disposal fee!

With traditional incandescent lights, halogen lights and fluorescent lighting options, you have to be careful when disposing the lights when they break or have reached the end of their life. Chemicals and gasses can often be released into the atmosphere and can even be a threat to your health should you dispose of them improperly. For example, mercury is an ingredient in some lights, and if the bulb breaks, that mercury turns into a vapor that you can breath in, which is very dangerous. LED’s pose no such threat to your health and can be disposed of much more easily. Safer, more cost effective and healthier for you and the environment, that’s LED technology and lighting in a nutshell.

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