A Quick Look At LED Grow Lights

Light is an essential requirement in plant growth as it plays the key role in photosynthesis. However, there are times when this natural light is not enough, for example during winter seasons or when the desired amount is considered insufficient like indoors. Artificial light is, therefore, necessary to cover the deficit, and this is done using grow or plant lights.

These are specifically designed to give the right light spectrum and can easily be controlled to give varying amount of these spectrums according to the plants’ demands. Plant biologists; have studied it’s varying requirements at the different plant growth stages making it cheap to use these grow lights. An example of the most popular is the LED grow lights, preferred for their many merits compared to other types.

Why the LED grow lights

Previously fluorescent bulbs were used until the invention of the light emitting diodes. It was found that power consumption drastically reduced and it is much easier to control them as opposed to the previous types. The other reasons are, they last longer and they can easily be designed to emit different light colors to mimic the natural sunlight. They are easy to install and they do produce much heat hence there is no threat of scorching your plants.

What you should know when installing them

Know the right amount of light for your plant, and these can be achieved by knowing the highly absorbed spectrum for your plants. The most preferred light for many plants is red and blue LED grow lights as they have been found to perfectly suit most plants. They should be well balanced according to the plant response to them.

The duration of lighting is another thing you should know. Some plants will require going for dark moments while others can constantly grow under it. Timers can be installed in place to automatically switch them on and off when necessary.

Know how and where to position your light source for efficient supply. This will be determined by the available space, the number of plants, and installation mode among other factors. The green leaves of the plant are designed to trap as much light as possible; therefore, it should be well supplied at all times.

Know a thing about wattage; this will help you understand the needed power supply for the LED grow lights to produce the right kind of light for your plants.


LED grow lights are the best for these purposes as they have low maintenance cost on top of many other advantages.

Source by Mike P. Egan

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