What You Should Know About LED Driveway Lights


LED driveway lights are some of the most popular lighting choices today. This is because it has already been proven that LED has a longer lifespan than conventional incandescent bulbs. Additionally, they tend to shine much more brightly. For environmentally concerned individuals, LED lighting has also been tested and proven that it produces far less carbon dioxide than other bulbs in the market today.

By installing a driveway LED light, you can prevent any untoward accidents like tripping of guests, visitors and other family members. That’s all aside from making your driveway safer to drive at night and lessening accidents and damage to your outdoor accessories and also your landscaping. Aside from safety, driveway lights may also keep your home secure from intruders and other people who want to trespass on your property.

At present, there are various power sources available for LED driveway lighting. One power source worth considering is solar power. This is an option that is mostly preferred by people who want to have some illumination yet don’t want to have the excess burden of high electricity bills. But, a disadvantage is that since LED lights give off a very bright glow, chances are that the lights will go off in just a few hours after it has been turned on. As compared to conventional power sources, solar powered LED’s can only be used for a short period of time, unless you get a lot of sun during the day.

If you’ve finally decided on using LED on your driveway, then you can visit your local hardware or home specialty shops, and ask for lights that are designed for driveway or walkway illumination. Another popular choice is the flat lights. These are often installed inside stones and they give your driveway some accents and shadows.

For people who are more concerned with safety and security rather than aesthetics, you may consider installing LED flood lights. These are mounted on walls and can be equipped with a motion sensor, solar panels and a battery power source. Like other solar powered light options, this will automatically run or function when the sun goes down. But be prepared to back it up with another power source since the battery will most likely die out in just few hours of usage. Despite this minor drawback, this type of light enables you to save on the cost of your monthly electric bill.

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