Solar Power Being Used For Post Lighting


The talk for solar energy started to come in around the 70s when the technology was advancing while oil prices were increasing to record high prices. This made solar power as an alternative energy source high in importance. At that time people started seeing the risks of using an energy source that was depleting and made people want to get off the dependence of oil. In our present age people are now using solar power in various ways. One way people are using it is for solar post lights.

Most people want to light up their front and backyards. To do this people could use long extension cords, batteries, or running electrical lines underground. However, now people are using solar post lights to make it convenient for home owners. This allows individuals to save money on batteries, expensive extension cords, and saves money on their electricity cost.

The way solar post lights work is by collecting power through solar panels that are connected to an energy collector. The solar panels soak up energy from the sun all day and are connected to the post. Usually, the energy collector is a rechargeable battery that last about three years. The light that is used is a LED light, which puts out a bright light for the amount of energy needed. The great thing about LED lights is their ability to last for up to twenty five years! This makes the cost to install one in your home very low. These lights will shine during the night for several hours depending on the energy that was collected during the daylight.

Solar lights are user friendly as well since there is no need for wires, which makes installation for the unit extremely easy. Plus, lights are able to be purchased individually to give you the ability to not buy in bulk since each one should last for several years. The great thing is that each light operates independent from each other. This helps when one of the lights are broken the rest will still be running.

If you need to light up your porch or your backyard solar post lights are the most economical choice for you. The lifespan for the lights alone should be enough to make your choice. Plus, installation on the unit is simple. If you are looking for light the solar post lights are definitively the option to go with.

Source by Adam Renrav